Chief Executive Officer

Anthony Scalzi

You have to work for everything in life, nothing is ever handed to you for free. As long as I have been in business I have always had to earn everything that I worked for. I never let anything get in my way as long as I was focused on my goals. With little to no help, I was able to successfully grow my own company to an international business. I am personally a very competitive person who believes that if you put enough heart and soul into something you will gain so much more and become successful at what you love. I always say, “A job is not a job if you love it. It’s just a hobby you get paid for”.

Chief Financial Officer

Travis Lockhart

I am both an avid gamer and dedicated financial professional. I am excited to be supporting Anthony and Aporia in their endeavors, as well as to continue to integrate myself into the gaming and eSports communities.

Chief Design Officer

Ismail Hussain

Hello I'm Ismail also known as "Hatake" I'm a self taught Illustrator and Graphic Designer. My main focuses are creating awesome Illustrations, Logo designs and Apparel designs. A lot of my work is directed towards eSports and Gaming!