Welcome to Aporia Customs! We are located on the East Coast in the state of Connecticut. We have been in the eSports and gaming industry for well over 5 years. We are experts in creating custom gaming equipment and brands for casual and competitive gamers. The customization center is our biggest iconic feature that is custom built for our website that allows the user to customize every aspect of the product. We originated by customizing custom controllers and now we are capable of customizing all Controllers, Consoles, Peripherals, Apparel, Jerseys, Stickers and More!

Regardless of the competition that we face in the gaming industry, that will never stop us from always coming out with the newest and improved products that are affordable and durable for our customers. All of our products are handmade which makes every item unique and durable. All of our controller products are MLG & UMG approved! We are on a new path to becoming one of the best customization services in the gaming industry!

The company was started by Anthony Scalzi at the age of 13 in the year 2010. With little to no help, he was able to successfully grow the company to an international business. He is a very competitive person who believes that if you put enough heart and soul into something you will gain so much moreĀ and become successful at what you love. He always says, “A job is not a job if you love it. It’s just a hobby you get paid for”.

Aporia Customs Anniversary is on the 13th of August each year!