When it comes to being a team partnered with Aporia, there are more perks involved than simply privilege of having a store on our website. We like to publicize when one of our teams achieves something great and this is no exception.

Hazard eSports participated recently in the 2017 Gears Pro Circuit Atlantic City Open. For those not aware, this was a $200,000 Gears of War 4 major which took place in Atlantic City from March 31st to April 2nd. Among the teams attending were some very well-known competitors from other esports games such as OpTic Gaming, Team EnVyUs and Echo Fox.

While Hazard might not have defeated any of those teams, they earned 5th place in the competition, which is incredible considering they were only established in March of last year. Along with their placement, they also earned their $10,000 share of the total prize pool.

We wish Hazard eSports and all of our other partnered teams the best of luck in any future competitions! We would also like to invite any team interested in future spotlights like these to contact us at our official Twitter account @AporiaCustoms.

Written by Gabriel “H3nleY” Ionica