We here at Aporia believe in helping the underdogs. After all, not everyone was born rich. With that in mind, we asked the CEOs of three of our sponsored orgs some questions about their ideal business partner.

What do you look for in a partner company?


EminentGG’s Frosty: We as an eSports organization strive to look the best and be the best, and we can’t do that without looking good. We look at companies and see who is going to benefit more, us or them, meaning we look for balance! We want a company that will care about our org by giving us amazing customer support, leaving a design 100% customizable by us and also just being an overall friend!

Avalanche eSports’s Outragge: When looking through our options for potential companies to partner with we look for a company that can not only accommodate our needs, but that we believe we have a closer connection with. We work with companies who we not only see potential with, but also those who we feel have a genuine passion for their product/company.

University eSports’s Kobii: We look for a partner that has goals and is organized. We need a company that is always striving to do better and has a bright future just like us. If a company believes in the quality of their products and brand, that is a company that University will support because we too can trust in the quality of their products and services. That’s the passion we have and we are excited to see that others have it as well.


Have you had any bad experiences with companies in the past?


EminentGG’s Frosty: Yes we have! We were with another apparel company before and they never allowed our designs to be 100%! We didn’t even get full freedom to customize them, they just allowed us to pay them and slap a logo on a design that wasn’t asked for. We asked for white jerseys with the Team Eminent Blue logo and they failed to do so. They put sponsors on our jerseys that never sponsored us and also messed up half of our Twitter handles and names on the back! We asked and asked and never got any customer support! They have a zero return policy so if they mess up, you have to pay! That’s not how a business is run! If the company messes up the company should pay, not the customer.

Avalanche eSports Outragge: In the past we have had our ups and downs with other companies. Sure, we’ve been offered empty promises in the past, but since signing with Aporia all of our demands have been fulfilled and we are happy to have the opportunity to be working with them.

University eSports Kobii: Yes, we were working with another apparel company before we signed with Aporia. The very first order that we put in for jerseys was received late. Not only that but our sponsors and lettering were wrong, we were missing one jersey and there was a jersey from another eSports team in the box. I was never able to speak with the CEO of the company and he would only talk via DM which angered me. In addition, we never received any form of compensation to ease our disappointment.

What made you choose Aporia Customs?


EminentGG’s Frosty: Aporia was the original company we were going to go with but instead chose the company we had problems with. They promised half off jerseys for players and 100% customizable jerseys but failed to do so. Anthony has been nothing but an amazing friend which is what we want. He goes out of his way to make sure we’re happy with our designs and he is always asking how our day is just to be friendly. That’s what companies should do, they should interact with their customers. Aporia goes the extra mile with that! We asked Aporia if we could do blue 100% poly hoodies instead of cotton and now Aporia is doing them as an option because they care about what we like! Overall Aporia is the better company and we plan to stay with them until that white light meets us all!

Avalanche eSports Outragge: We chose Aporia customs for a multitude of reasons. Not only do they have amazing customer service, but we absolutely love all of their management and staff. They always had us in their best interest since day one and have always been one of our biggest supporters. On top of that, their product quality is unlike any other! #AporiaArmy


University eSports Kobii: After the failure with the previous company, I went looking for another company which led to my discovery of Aporia Customs on Twitter. I sent them an email and set up a verbal meeting with their CEO. I could tell I had found someone I could count on and trust just by the honesty in his voice. Anthony came through when we needed apparel last minute for MLG Vegas and I am appreciative of that!  


What do you guys look for in a partner company? Let us know with a tweet to @AporiaCustoms.


By Gabriel “H3nleY” Ionica