Once we reached out to Clutch Chairz with the intentions of getting Aporia eSports sponsored. We happen to get into discussion with a business partnership in regards to our famous custom controllers. After having a conversation with their CMO Sammy Sucu, we had decided that we wanted to take on the project of developing and customizing their controllers!

Of course when we reached out to them our website was no were near done, but we don’t let anything stop us from wanting to work with other businesses in the gaming industry just because our website was not finished. After finally drafting some mock ups for them. We came to the conclusion that we had a bunch of designs that we can develop for Clutch Chairz.

Aporia’s team of designers were able to fully execute all the designs that we wanted to release in the beginning of our new website. Check out Clutch Chairz awesome controllers and don’t forget to check out their amazing gaming chairs! Visit their website http://usa.clutchchairz.com/ and use code “Aporia” for a massive discount on your first order!