Chief Executive Officer

Anthony Scalzi

Hello, my name is Anthony Scalzi! I am a very young entrepreneur who started the brand Aporia many years ago when I was kid and till this day I have been grinding to be one of the best companies in my industry. I am not only an entrepreneur, but I am a gamer at heart. I played competitively in Modern Warfare 2 for an organization.

Chief Financial Officer

Travis Lockhart

I am both an avid gamer and dedicated financial professional. I am excited to be supporting Anthony and Aporia in their endeavors, as well as to continue to integrate myself into the gaming and eSports communities.

Social Media Officer

Connor Gorman

Here at Aporia Customs, I help head our Social Media & Customer Service departments. Outside of Aporia Customs I enjoy driving my car, spending time with my pets, and above all else gaming. I am a former professional Starcraft 2 player, I currently play Destiny and Forza 6.





Head Controller Designer

Tatiana Snyder

Sophmore in college, graduating with an art minor and 2 years of graphic experience. I love video games, designing and swarming my room with gaming collectables! Sending out only the good vibes. Don't hesitate in approaching me, just talk about food, gears of war or your latest design project 😀

Head Illustrator Designer

Erik Bogren

My name is Erik, I'm the Head Illustrator here at Aporia Customs. I'm 16 years old and I am from located in Sweden.

Jersey Designer

Calvin Boyer

I am a self taught graphic designer who is pushing closer and closer towards my designing dreams. I started by doing little logos and concepts for friends, I am now working under contract with a well known organisation to for-fill my dream of one day paying the bills with my designs. Also my nick name is Tony.