Aporia Controllers

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About Us

Here at Aporia Customs we specialize in customization options for a numerous amount of things like, XBOX 360 Controllers, HD PVR'S, iPhones, XBOX 360\S AND MORE. AporiaCustoms has been running for around 2 Years. Since the start we have been perfecting the art of making the highest quality products on the Internet. With a mesh of creativity, design, and craftsman ship, we are able to bring you top of the line products for years to come.

Our YouTube Channel started on August 22, 2012 and we are hoping that it will be able to work its way up to over 18,000 SUBSCRIBERS in just 2 YEARS. 
We have been so successful up until now that we have been able to sponsor some of the top COD YouTube Channels in the community. We are very grateful for where we are and all the help we have had.

As a team we strive to bring only the best products on the market along with some entertainment. Make sure to check out the Customize Your Controller section to make your own custom controller. And while designing your controller don't forget to always To Improve Your Performance :)