World Best Gaming

While Aporia Customs is eternally grateful to the small teams who helped us climb atop the mountain we currently stand on, we must also recognize the big players who join our organization. As such, we are very proud to introduce the incredible World Best Gaming!

WBG have risen from the ashes to take the esports world by storm with incredible results in a multitude of titles. Starting with H1Z1, the WBG team took 2nd place in April’s “Fight for the Crown” tournament which was broadcasted on TBS, defeating well-known competitors like Luminosity Gaming, Counter Logic Gaming and Denial Esports. At the Asia Royalty Showdown, Gasrunner, GORANY and Aqua5 took 1st, 2nd and 9th place respectively.

In Street Fighter V, Chris “CJ Truth” Jayson took 1st place at CEO’s monthly Citrus Clash three times in a row as well as being in the top 24 at the Capcom Pro Tour “Combo Breaker” event in front of over 20,000 people watching. To round everything off, the team’s Gears of War squad took 5th-6th and the MLG Gears of War event.

When asked about his partnership with Aporia, WBG CEO Bobby Ham had the following to say:

“From the moment I met Anthony I loved his energy, his commitment, and his passion. I feel like Aporia as a whole is an awesome org and is on the come-up like we are. When I saw all the effort he has already put in, I knew that we could make something happen for sure. As our first sponsor, we are humble and grateful to have Aporia on the team and look forward to a long term relationship!”

We also look forward to a long term relationship with World Best and cannot wait to see all the fantastic results their players bring forward!


Written by: @H3nleYCSGO